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For everyone; professionals and hobbyists! - ScrewGrab

Stubborn Screws

ScrewGrab is a friction gel.
​​​​​​​Use for drilling Tools.


ScrewGrab should be used before screws get damaged.

Diamond paste

​​​​​​​Non-slip Gel

Increase grip on screws and nuts!
In every Toolbox

For professionals and hobbyists! - ScrewGrab

Helps to loosendifficould screws and nuts.
Direct use, just apply on the bad screw.

Increase friction between tool and screw,
Rusty screws, no problem for ScrewGrab.
Increase friction with 800%Increase friction with 800%
New Bottle
Friction in a bottle

ScrewGrab now available at:

Sifvert Skruv AB, Hägersten

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